Interested in working on a social ontology, modeling, or simulation project

The field of social ontology is new, and there are many exciting and unexplored opportunities. If you are currently working on a project, want to learn more, or are interested in potential areas to investigate, please contact me directly by email.

Applying to the Tufts MA in Philosophy

The Tufts MA is generally regarded as far-and-away the best master’s program in philosophy in the country. (See Philosophical Gourmet). The program is most appealing to students who are interested in going on PhD programs in philosophy, but who may not have enough background to be competitive at the top programs. The caliber of the students is excellent, and entrance is competitive. For detailed information on the program, please see the Tufts Philosophy Department webpage, at

For general questions on the program, please contact Patrick Forber, the Director of Graduate Studies for the Philosophy Department (see

If you have specific questions for me, or regarding my work, please email me directly.


I currently have some availability to take on undergraduate (both pre-major and major) and graduate advisees. Please come by my office hours or email me.

There is a limited amount of funding available for research assistantships, pertaining to my current research projects. Please contact me by email, detailing your interests and experience.

Represent a corporation interested in ambient intelligence

In 1998, I was a founding partner at Palo Alto Ventures, a technology consulting firm. We were mostly working for Philips Electronics. In a series of strategy documents, Eli Zelkha and I developed the idea of “ambient intelligence.” (This term is broadly used in Europe and Asia, though in the United States the term “the internet of things” is more widespread.) The field has burgeoned in recent years, and now there are many conferences and a good deal of international support for initiatives in the area. For more background, see

To read the original documents in which the term “ambient intelligence” was first used, see

I no longer do consulting work in this area, but I would be happy to refer you to other experts in the field.

Are you the same Brian Epstein who…?

managed the Beatles?

Unfortunately, no. That would be cool, though, since he was quite a guy. Read about him at